Société Des Arbres (Society of Trees)

The Société Des Arbres was founded in November 1971 by Ocean Springs, MS Garden Club Member, Mrs. D. L. “Pat” Connor.  Assisting her at the time were Mr. Valney Cissna Jr., and Mr. Ralph Hode, of the Gulf Coast Regional Planning Commission.


Among the purposes of the organization are to preserve all species of trees which possess a living association with historical events of the area; conserve and protect trees and groups of trees which by their existence enhance the aesthetic and environmental values of the area; establish a permanent registry of such trees, citing their names, description and location; to declare all trees properly registered to be indigenous natural assets possessing intrinsic value worthy of area protection and other worthwhile reasons for the Society.

Société Des Arbres is now under the sponsorship of the Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc. Domicile of the official and permanent registry of the Society is in the Ocean Springs Mississippi Public Library, Archives of History.

Single trunk trees, any variety, whose diameters are a minimum of thirty-six inches when measured four and a half feet above ground are eligible for registration.  (36” diameter is representative of 100 years of age by the Society.)

Beautiful 11 by 14 inch Certificates bearing the Gold Seal of Société Des Arbres, suitable for framing, signed by the Founder of the Society and the Registrar-Historian, are issued to tree owners and or sponsor upon registration of the tree(s).