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President’s Message

President Pat Young

As we are able to gather again, see our garden club friends and continue our work as NGC federated clubs, I hope that you, like me, have an awakened appreciation for the impact of our local garden clubs on our everyday lives.  The volunteer work we do through our clubs strengthens not only us, but our families and communities.

Being a member of a federated garden club brings you a wide range of opportunities not available to nonmembers.

You can choose to become an NGC Accredited Flower Show Judge, a Gardening Consultant, a Landscape Design Consultant, or an Environmental Consultant.

You can apply for grants for your club; for everything from a “Plant America” grant with up to $1000 for a planting project, to a “Natural Disaster Grant” for places impacted by storms and disasters, or even an “Ames Tool Grant” to receive top-of-the-line gardening tools for your club to use in its projects.

I can think of few organizations that give awards to member clubs for the projects they complete, some with sizeable money rewards.  Your club can be recognized at the state, regional and national level through the awards process.

Mentoring youth has long been a priority for NGC federated garden clubs.  Allison Ashmore continues the Lanoux Youth Nature Day Camp at the local level.  The Horticulture Summer Camp (held at Mississippi State University) has brought high school students in touch with nature for over 50 years.  Youth garden clubs are sponsored by member clubs throughout Mississippi, and our entries in the youth contests bring home state, regional and national awards.

The Garden Clubs of Mississippi begins at the local level, with your club – whether it has 50 members or 10 members.  Your club is connected to other clubs in your area through one of our six districts in Mississippi: Hills & Delta, Natchez Trace, River Road, Southern Pines, Spanish Trail or Tombigbee Valley.  Your club is next connected to the state organization, then to the Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc. (which includes the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Louisiana).  Finally, for your dues to the Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc., you are connected to National Garden Clubs, Inc. and have access to all the national organization has to offer.  To me that is a pretty big bang for your buck!

Important information for each organization is also on their website:,, and

As you plan your garden club year, please refer to the award information on the state website and to the President’s Report that is also on the website.  Coordinating your club’s efforts with the emphases of GCM will give you opportunities for recognition.

We have some ground to make up as we come out of the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  With all of us working together, our state organization will emerge stronger than ever.

The past year did hone our internet skills and gave us plenty of time to work in our gardens.  And now that everyone’s personal garden is in pristine shape (if only), we can focus our talents on rebuilding our local garden clubs.  Your club can start to “Make things happen!”

Pat Young

President 2021 – 2023

The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc.

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