The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc.


JUNE 2019 – JUNE 2021 

       Mississippi … Planting Today Preserves and Ensures the Future



1 DEADLINE – Youth Award Contests entries due to designated GCM Chairman. (See Awards in Miss Gardener 2019 Directory.)

1 GCM DEADLINE – Clubs’ Award Applications to designated GCM Chairman.  (See Awards in Miss Gardener 2019 Directory.)

15 DEADLINE – GCM Chairmen forward ALL award applications received to GCM Awards Chairman Debby Cooper.



TBA Meeting of Awards Committee

20 GCM Winter BOD Activities, Brandon

25 DEADLINE – Club’s Publicity Press Book award application to GCM Chairman Vance.


1 Special Award #39-State President’s Award applications due to GCM President Ebner.

12 Arbor Day in Mississippi (Always 2nd Friday in February.)


1 NOTICE DEADLINE – ALL making monetary donations for current 2020-2021 club year for Noncompetitive Awards may send chairmen donations during the club year, but they must be received by and/or postmarked by the March 1, 2021 deadline; otherwise clubs will not receive credit on their 2020-21 Club President’s Annual Report.  The President’s Report is due to club’s outgoing Director by June 1.

15  DEADLINE – All GCM chairmen receiving checks during outgoing (Ebner) administration must forward all checks, which were received for GCM programs/projects, to GCM Treasurer Godwin by this date.                                            

21-22        Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc.  Convention – Tuscaloosa, AL        


12-15 92nd  GCM Annual Convention – Hernando (Young Installation).          

15 Post-Convention Meeting of new Board of Directors, 2021-23 


16-20 NGC Convention, East Rutherford, NJ                                                                                                             

1  DEADLINE – President’s Name Form, even if same as previous year-Club/Council Pres. name, address, and email contact to GCM Executive Secretary. (ALL GCM information sent to address on file.)

15 DEADLINE – All 2019-2021 BOD members send authorized expenses, with receipts, to GCMTreasurer Godwin. The fiscal year ends May 31; past expenses cannot be paid after that date.                                                                                                                                                                                

June 1, 20 through May 31, 2021 GCM Fiscal Year Begins June

 1 GCM Club/Council Dues Payable, $10 per club member – $5 per Council.  Please use current Membership Form provided by GCM Treasurer.                                                                                                                                   

1 DEADLINE – Club President’s Annual Report for the recently completed 2020-2021 club year sent to their district’s OUTGOING Director.   


1 DEADLINE – Each GCM Chairman and Treasurer receiving monetary donations for Noncompetitive Awards shall send a list of all making donations to each district’s outgoing Director by this date. This facilitates Directors judging reports and verifying donations. 

1  DEADLINE – Information due to Miss Gardener Editor for summer Directory issue. Each district’s new Director shall send Editor ALL details for 2021 Fall District Meeting. (This Directory is received in August 2021 before the Fall District Meetings.)                      

6-12 National Garden Week  (First full week in June including a Sunday)


7 Spanish Trail District – Spring District Workshop Meeting – TBA

8 Southern Pines District — Spring District Workshop Meeting – TBA

9 Natchez Trace District — Spring District Workshop Meeting – Jackson (The GC of Jackson)

15 River Road  District — Spring District Workshop Meeting – TBA

16 Hills & Delta District — Spring District Workshop Meeting – Greenwood (Greenwood GC)

17 Tombigbee Valley — Spring District Workshop Meeting – TBA  

TBA      Horticulture Summer Camp at MSU – Ages 15-17  

TBA      Lanoux Youth Nature Day Camp